Who are we?

« Since 1875 »

Mathis is a company specialized in the design, manufacturing and construction of large timber buildings based on glue-laminated timber frames, wooden frames and solid panels. The company is a leader in the industrial and office building segment, sports, leisure and education equipment, and commercial centers.

Mathis has a fully integrated organization: design offices, wood and metal factories, teams on site such that its clients are guaranteed the best quality products, cost effectiveness and the proper meeting of deadlines. Since 1875, Mathis has always sought excellence, putting the well-being of its clients and employees at the center of its development.


Glulam manufacturing



Unlimited creativity

The MATHIS integrated design office is one of the world's largest timber design offices in its field. It is able to design and execute the most complex works using latest generation equipment.

A "research and development" unit

A quality unit

Mathis designs, manufactures and builds the equivalent of a sports hall with fully integrated resources everyday.

The certifications

A large number of qualified engineers, products and award-winning projects, a real skill in off-site building, an expertise in wood / metal work combinations ...
These are all the essential ingredients for the development of framing systems, wood frameworks and panels for complete, efficient, economical and ecological solutions that are recognized by these qualifications and certifications.

Certification Acerbois-Glulam


Responsible and committed, MATHIS is constantly striving for innovation in the construction of clean, renewable and environmentally friendly buildings.

The majority of MATHIS' timber components have undergone a Life Cycle Analysis

For nearly 20 years, MATHIS has been integrating HQE standards into all of its projects

A positive balance in terms of carbon storage

140 years of history

  • 1809
  • 1852
  • 1875 Creation of a building material trading company by David Mathis
  • 1880 Beginning of general contracting company activities
  • 1890 Construction and launch of an electric sawmill.
  • 1929 Addition of tunnel drying.
  • 1948 Construction of a modern planing mill.
  • 1956 Mathis adds a glued lattice framework activity which quickly evolves towards glue-laminated timber which is booming in France.
  • 1978 Mathis expands into export activities, initially within Europe then to the rest of the world, North America, Africa, China, the Gulf States, etc.
  • 1979 The integrated and fully computerised design office's staff is being reinforced regularly
  • 2000 The company develops a manufacturing and wood frame installation activity and integrates a unit to produce itself its fittings and metal connections. In the mean time, Mathis is committed to the certification and labeling of its construction techniques to support its quality policy.
  • 2009 Frank Mathis received the "Entrepreneur of the Year Award" from "Les Echos" French newspaper and Ernst&Young, for his successful and dynamic company
  • 2010 In order to improve productivity and safety, an ambitious investment policy extends the production area by 40% and equips the company with 2 additional machine robots. In parallel, a policy of continuous improvement is implemented on the basis of the most modern management techniques (LEAN, 5S, ...).
  • 2012 Mathis was ranked as the #1 French company in wood construction in terms of revenues in the 2012 study by the Plimsoll Financial Studies Firm (2,500 companies).
  • 2013 Frank Mathis has been appointed by the French Government to be the pilot of the National Plan for the Development of the Wood Sector, within the framework of the "34 plans of the New French Industry".
  • 2015 140 years of know-how and innovation in wood construction. Mathis formalizes his commitment to sustainable development by co-founding the BBCA label, Low Carbon Building.
  • 2016 Frank Mathis is made Knight of the French National Order of the Legion of Honor, for his actions as the head of the National Plan for the Develoment of the Wood Sector and his involvement as the head of the Association for the Development of Wood Buildings (ADIVbois).
  • 2019
  • 2020

Mathis, the rewards

National Wood Construction Award 2015 : #1 prize in the
… for the shcool campus of Hadol (88), made of wood from the town's forest.
National Construction Award 2015 : #2 prize in the
… for Nexity's office building in Marseille (13), highest wooden office building in France.
The SIMI 2014 Grands Prix : #1 prize in the
… for the FCBA technology institute, a 10 000 m² building of laboratories and offices in Champs sur Marne (77).
The SIMI 2012 Grands Prix : in the
… for the positive-energy timber frame office building "Phénomène+" in Courbevoie (92), the new headquarters of the French National Institute of Industrial Property, presented by Financière Natekko.
The Monitor Prize for Construction, 2012 regional edition, in the
Mathis is recognized as one of the most successful companies in terms of revenue growth and profitability over three years.
Mathis named
...which recognises the excellence of French expertise and its sustainable presence in French territory.
Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2009
… was awarded to Frank Mathis by Ernst&Young and ""Les Echos"" French newspaper for his successul and dynamic company.