Frames and structures


Innovative, state-of-the-art products

Economical, ecological and with low energy consumption, Mathis products are innovative and can meet all requirements, from the simplest projects to the most sophisticated. Mathis offers the best seals of quality in the timber industry. Its glue-laminated timber guarantees very high fire resistance and reduced construction time frames.


The universal glued laminated timber

Acerbois Glulam certified since 1995, Acerlam glued laminated timber is favoured for all interior uses and is considered by the insurance companies to be a hard material on the same level as concrete or masonry. ACERLAM is one of the leading Acerbois Glulam certified glued laminated timbers.


The glued laminated timber which is full of life.

The alternation of two contrasting varieties of wood reinforces the effect of the lamination and permits some surprising architectural creations. COLORLAM rejuvenates the image of glued laminated timber while retaining all of its traditional properties.


The ecological glued laminated timber

With regard to the preservation of biodiversity, Ecolam glued laminated timber, naturally resistant at class 3, favourably replaces chemically treated timber at the heart. ECOLAM is the ecological glued laminated timber par excellence.



The glued laminated timber with character

New and authentic, warm and vibrant, Redlam is a structural timber which naturally asserts its character and brings a different aesthetic to the structure of traditional buildings. REDLAM, the glued laminated timber with character

CLT panels

The ideal solution for building upwards

Cross Laminated Timber panels are renowned for their excellent thermal and acoustic performance, their excellent behaviour in the event of fire and their high structural resistance. Light and strong, CLT is used in the form of sheets of timber assembled in a cross-ply construction intended to form walls, roofing, floors, elevator shafts, stairs, etc.

Profiles and maximum sizes

More than 20 types (from 41 x 127 mm to 840 x 2 046 mm)

With more than twenty standard profiles, Mathis offers the largest range of posts and beams on the market to the general contractor and client. Our engineers design, on a case by case basis, all specific requests.

The customary workmanship of the large spans associated with the innovative re-gluing techniques allows Mathis to manufacture monolithic beams with extraordinary sections.

AZUREL walls

High performance timber frame

MATHIS timber frame walls are certified ACERBOIS-CST. Their PEFC components are calibrated and machined on numerical control machines. Their precise screw and nail assembly guarantees the sustainability of their wind bracing properties, which are indispensable for public buildings or multi-storey buildings. They can have different finish qualities.

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